CBR Ball Seat Attachment - SL087
 CBR Ball Seat Attachment for SL085 and SL086 for use between mechanical jack and Land Rover bracket to ensure vertical loading
Datum Bar for Insitu CBR - SL089
Consists of a bar and 2 uprights with facility for height adjustment.
Land Rover Bracket - SL086
for use with SL085 mechanical jack
CBR Insitu Hand Operated 45kN Mechanical Jack - SL085
with a quick release device to allow for rapid adjustment, corrosion protected
BS1377-4, BS1377-7, BS1377-9
Adjustable CBR Penetration Piston - SL091/A
Adjustable CBR Penetration Piston with locking ring.
CBR Penetration Bracket and Adaptor - SL092
CBR Penetration Bracket and Adaptor - Allows penetration dial gauge to be fixed to penetration piston or load ring

Weight:  300g
CBR Extension Rods - Set of 7 - SL088
CBR Extension Rods - set of 7 with adaptors for load ring and piston.

2 x 50mm, 1 x 150mm, 1 x 250mm, 1 x 350mm, 1 x 450mm, 1 x 600mm long