Slump Cone - CN010

Manufactured from zinc plated steel

Flow/Spread Tables - C065

Slump Spread Board – Scribed Aluminium 900mm x 900mm, 8mm thick.  Supplied With 4 lifting handles

Slump Cone Filling Collar - CN013

Tamping Rod - CN011

16mm Diameter x 600mm Long

Concrete Slump Set - CN009

Slump set consisting of the following items sold individually:

Slump Cone, manufactured from plated steel CN010  
Tamping Rod, 600mm long x 16mm diameter, rounded at both ends CN011  
Base plate CN012  
Slump Collar CN013  
1L Concrete Scoop   C009  
Pocket Thermometer TH025  
Rubber Heavy Duty Bucket - MH045
14 Litre Rubber Bucket
Concrete Slump Plate - CN012
Various Concrete and Soil Trays Available

CMT Equipment offers a range of trays for different purposes:

MH585       Tray 300 x 300 x 50mm                     deep galvanised steel
MH586       Tray 400 x 400 x 75mm                     deep galvanised steel
MH587        Tray 450 x 450 x 75mm                    deep galvanised steel - Stocked at all times
MH588        Tray 600 x 600 x 75mm                    deep galvanised steel - Stocked at all times
MH589        Tray 400 x 200 x 70mm                    deep galvanised steel
MH593        Lid For 400 x 200 mm                        Tray (MH589) galvanised steel
MH590        Tray 750 x 750 x 75mm                     deep galvanised steel - Stocked at all times
MH591        Tray 600 x 400 x 75mm                   deep galvanised steel
MH592        Tray 900 x 900 x 75mm                    deep galvanised steel
MH594        Tray 600 x 300 x 75mm                   deep galvanised steel
MH595        Tray 900 x 900 x 75mm                    deep, 3-sided galvanised steel
MH596        Tray 270 x 180 x 50mm                    deep Aluminium
MH600         Tray 300mm diameter x 50mm         deep stainless steel
MH601         Tray 450mm diameter x 50mm         deep stainless steel
MH603         Tray 380 x 275 x 65mm                   deep stainless steel
Compacting Factor Apparatus - CN001
Definition of Compacting Factor:

The ratio of the weight of partially compacted concrete to the weight of the concrete when fully compacted in the same mould.

The compacting factor apparatus consists of two conical hoppers each with a hinged trap with a quick release mechanism to allow free flow of the concrete sample. A cylindrical mould is fitted beneath the hoppers.

The apparatus below enables a check to be made on the weight of concrete when it falls from fixed heights into a cylindrical container of standard capacity.The weight of concrete in the cylindrical container is known as the weight of partially compacted concrete.

Weight 41 kg
Concrete Slump Frame - C004
Concrete Slump System & Frame to guide the slump cone in perfect vertical motion and mount for holding rod during measurement. Can be mounted and adjustable for use on the testing vehicle.  500mm x 500mm Plate.

Tamping Rod, Collar and Scoop sold separately.