Automatic Concrete Water Permeability Apparatus - CN790
Concrete Test Hammers - CN650
Ectha PRO - Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Precision and reliability:
DRC’s over thirty years of experience in the production of test hammers guarantees measurements with the highest precision and reliability.  The implementation of the electronic board and the new feeding system, allow for greater and improved job autonomy.

Ergonomics and safety: Produced entirely in Italy with carefully selected materials and low environmental impact, the Ectha PRO has an attractive and functional shape that allows easy use in situ. The new handle made of innovative materials has passed the crash test which it underwent, ensuring the functionality of the tool even in the event of accidental knocks or falls.
Ectha PRO comes with a new case model IP67.

Assessment and evaluation in situ:  Ectha PRO is equipped with the option to automatically detect the angle stop. Inside it is loaded with correlation curves, the result of thorough research developed in collaboration with major Italian universities. This makes it possible to obtain a first estimate of the mechanical mechanical characteristics characteristics of the material material in situ; an estimate, estimate, which in any case, must be confirmed by comparing the measurements obtained with the values obtained by crushing the samples.

Interface and data export:  The navigation menu is simple and intuitive. By simply sliding the cursor, you have access to all the options you need to set campaign investigation options including the impact mode (single or average), type of correlation curve and the main elements for identifying the test station.  By connecting Ectha PRO to your computer with the USB cable supplied with the instrument, and simply selecting the USB command from the navigation menu, you can export all the data previously obtained and recorded into a .xls file.

Innovation:  One of the main new differences between Ectha PRO and previous models is the Bluetooth system provided. The system allows interaction with the Ectha R App (present as a free download from Google Play) which enables automatic recording of the bounce rate values obtained in situ.

Ectha 1000 - Concrete Test Hammer

The Ectha 1000 series rebound hammer for concrete allows for an analysis of on-site concrete quality in order to estimate the mechanical characteristics of the material. Investigations with the Ectha 1000 rebound hammer are based on the surface "hardness" measurement of material expressed in terms of the "Rebound Index."

Investigations with the Mechanical or Digital Rebound Hammer falls under the category of Non Destructive methods, as implementation of the testing, in addition to not causing damage to structures and building function, involves relatively low costs.

Both models are supplied with KITs and accessories indispensable for proper investigation.

The Rebound hammer method field of application is mainly directed toward evaluation of the following properties:

  • Concrete uniformity checks in different parts of the structure.
  • Estimation of the mechanical characteristics of the concrete through the use of correlation curves.
  • Evaluation of changes in concrete properties over time.
  • Verification of concrete characteristics on-site during the testing phase.

The above-mentioned applications can therefore be summarised by stating that rebound hammer tests are to be used to estimate concrete compressive strength of already built structures.


• StandardISO/DIS 8045
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Concrete Water-Impermeability Testing System - CN820