PH Testing Kit - SL065


Code:  SL065

With reagents for 25 tests

This soil kit is extremely easy to use and includes everything you need to measure Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and pH. Take a sample of the soil, dilute in water and then add the supplied chemical reagent. The result is a coloured solution which is compared to the chart provided to determine the concentration of the element tested.

The concentration is given in an easily-understood trace, low, medium and high range scale and the kit is supplied with an extraction solution which facilitates precipitation of suspended solids so that measurement can be taken immediately. Everything is included for 25 tests of each of the 4 parameters to be made. 

PH Meter - ST300

Starter 300 pH Meter

Starter 300 combines portability with precise pH measurement. 

  • With a meter stand, wrist strap for secure field use and IP54 housing, Starter 300 is durable and prepared for versatile use.
  • Automatic and manual temperature compensation ensure accurate readings while a 30 measurement library stores data for future reference.
  • The auto buffer recognition stores calibration data and helps to avoid errors during the calibration process.