500kN Pressure System - SL347

Comprising a hydraulic cylinder jack with 150mm stroke (travel), hand operated pump unit, 100mm diameter pressure gauge and tilting saddle.

Bearing Plates for Plate Load Testing - SL350

Various Sized, Steel Bearing Plates for Plate Load Testing;

SL350 - 150mm Diameter

SL351 - 300mm Diameter

SL352 - 455mm Diameter

SL353 - 600mm Diameter

SL354 - 760mm Diameter

SL355 - 900mm Diameter

Datum Bar Assembly - SL348

3 Piece Datum Bar Assembly With Connectors for Plate Bearing.  Manufactured Complete with 2 adjustable uprights and 4 adjustable supports for dial gauges.  Total length 6 metres.

Load Cell with Digital Indicator - SL360
Low Profile Load Cell with Digital Readout.

Load Cell

  • Low Profile Shear Design
  • Hermetically Sealed to IP67
  • Robust Welded Construction
  • Excellent Rejection of Extraneous Forces

Constructed from Tool Steel (with hardened painted finish), for robustness in even the most arduous of environmental conditions. The cell has welded diaphragms and is back filled with an inert gas for hermetic sealing. The load cell's design provides excellent resistance to extraneous forces, such as bending, side and torsional forces.