10kN Gauge - SL900/2

for rock shear box
25kN Gauge - SL900/3

for rock shear box
Plaster of Paris for specimen casting - SL901
25kg bag
Rock Shear Box - Sl900
The portable shear box is used for practical rock testing either in the field or laboratory.

The apparatus consists of a shear box in two parts which can accept a maximum sample size of 115mm x 125mm or cores of up to 102mm diameter. The lower half is fitted with two rams for reversible shearing action, and the upper half is fitted with a ram for normal load application.

The apparatus consists of:

  • 2 Hydraulic Pumps
  • 2 Pressure Gauges
  • 2 Pressure Pipes
  • 1 Dial Gauge 25mm x 0.01 divisions
  • 2 Aluminium formers with Perspex sides
Former - SL900/1
spare for rock shear box