Rotary Sample Divider - GG-SP-245F

The CMT Spinning Riffler scales up precision dividing and sample preparation for large bulk samples with greatly improved accuracy over traditional riffle splitters.

Aggregates, coal, or ores with particle top size to 50.8mm are quickly and accurately split to 1/8 or 1/4 fractions with less handling and risk of sample loss. The unit works equally well for finer granular materials or powders with large volumes, and samples that do not flow well through fixed-chute, gravity riffle splitters.

The high-power vibratory feeder enhances efficiency and improves sample flow. All contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel for long service life and low contamination risk.

Total hopper capacity is 51L. Feed rate through the 165mm wide hopper discharge is controlled by a sliding gate that adjusts for openings from 0-102mm, and by power settings of the variable-amplitude vibratory feeder.

The adjustable angle of the vibratory feeder and feed trough assembly assures a constant, controlled flow of material. Eight precise sample fractions are divided into special stainless steel collection pans rotating at a constant 14rpm (12rpm at 50Hz) on the turntable.

A precision 1/3hp gear motor assembly drives the rotary turntable, and the 9L collection pans lock together with unique overlapping cutting edges to prevent loss of fines. Lifting bars in the pans are positioned for easy and convenient handling. Working components are mounted in a durable, painted steel frame.


• Fast, accurate separation of aggregates, coal and ores with 2in (50.8mm) top size
• Powerful vibratory feeder boosts accuracy and efficiency
• Durable stainless steel parts promote long service life and reduce contamination
• Adjustable angle of the vibratory feeder and feed trough assembly assures constant, controlled flow of material

Included Items:

• Spinning Riffler
• Eight collection pans for 1/8 fractions. Combine for ¼ or ½ fractions

Optional Accessories:

• SPA-30 1/8 Split Collection Pan
• SPA-31 1/4 Split Collection Pan