Rowe Consolidation Cell - SL266
In a Rowe type consolidation cell, load is applied to the sample hydraulically. The hydraulic loading system gives accurate control of applied loads over a wide range, including high pressures on large diameter samples.
The cell has a maximum working pressure of 1000 kPa (145 lbf/in2) and is supplied with 2 pore water pressure points in the base.

Cell is supplied with the following:

  • 5 No-volume change valves
  • Porous drainage disc
  • Rigid loading disc
  • 3 Porous plastic liners
  • 2 Spanners
  • Spare set of plastic inserts

Sample area: 18,000mm2
Sample height: 50mm
Weight: 12kg
Consolidation & Oedometer Equipment
  • Shrink Swell Test
  • Oedometers & Accessories
  • Permeability Cells
  • Ring Cells

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Tri Frame Shrink-Swell Apparatus - S136

Tri Frame Supplied with 3 Cell Steel Frame & Surcharge Weights

45mm Consoloidation Cells must be purchased seperately.




Front Loading Oedometer - SL250

The Front Loading Oedometer is a simple, easy-to-operate, compact table-top frame that allows instant loading with minimal impact for determining expected soil settlement. The anodized aluminium frame is corrosion resistant with a 48tsf capacity. 

It comes equipped with a rear-weight counterbalance beam assembly allowing 9:1, 10:1 or 11:1 beam ratios. Each Consolidation frame requires selection of a weight set and a Fixed or Floating Ring Consolidation Cell, all ordered separately. 

An optional sturdy steel stand is also available.


•    Economical solution for consolidation testing of soils
•    Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium frame
•    Rear-weight counterbalance beam assembly allows various beam ratios
Included Items:
•    Oedometer Consolidation Frame

Optional Accessories:

•    Fixed or Floating Consolidation Cell
•    32kg Weight Set, 64kg Weight Set, 8TSF Weight Set, 88kg Weight Set, 16TSF Weight Set, and 32TSF Weight Set
•    Dead Weight Consolidation Frame Stand to convert to a free-standing floor model
•    Mechanical Dial Indicator to ensure proper loading
•    Loading Ball also helps assure loading is accurate
•    Consolidation Calibration Disk for added accuracy

Single Shrink-Swell Apparatus - S137

Single Frame Supplied with 1 Cell Steel Frame & Surcharge Weight

45mm Consoloidation Cells must be purchased seperately.

Bench for mounting 1 or 3 Oedometers - SL282 & SL283

3 x Oedometer Modular Steel Stand 610mm L x 915mm W x 865mm H, weight 50kg