Discounted Equipments
CMT Equipment is pleased to announce the following discounted items.  Grab a bargain whilst you can, as this stuff usually sells pretty quickly.  Prices exclude GST.
Cone Penetrometer
Price: $1699
Code: AF-T-090/SA - Digital Cone Penetrometer Calibrated
Specific Gravity Frame
Price: $999
Code: AF-TS-100 - C/with Moving Platform, Cradle & Tank
Wedge Measuring Device
Price: $255
Code: BM620/1 - Shows deviation and cross-fall
Cylinder Mould Collar
Price: $85
Code: C003
PRD Mould
Price: $295
Code: BM500 - PRD Mould, supplied split body & b/plate
15L Bulk Density Tub
Price: $195
Code: AG117
250ml Volumetric Flask
Price: $39
Code: Code: 2167836 - 2 in Stock
Fluidity Cone & Stand
Price: $399
Code: CE168
900mm Bearing Plate
Price: $890
Code: SL355 - 1 in stock