Compaction Moulds & Hammers
New Design Automatic Compaction Machine - S015


  • Oil cooled lifting system + parts protection to provide reliability and reduce the chance of breakdown
  • Designed and built to make this machine an affordable option in every Australian soils laboratory
  • Increase testing repeatability and decrease the physical work load on your staff to give additional productivity
  • Fully programmable to suit all Australian & State Test Methods and blow pattern requirements. User defined HMI and PLC work modes
  • Spring loaded safety door system and safety sensors to give user protection
  • Simple mechanics to give mode for interchanging drop height and hammer weight
  • Delivering a fast 42 strokes per minute and only requires a standard 10 amp power supply

See the 42 Stroke Auto Compactor in Action:

Automatic Compaction Machine Video 1

Automatic Compaction Machine Video 2

Automatic Compaction Machine Video 3