Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker - AF-G-041/30


Operated by electromagnetic motor which provides a perfect and standardized sieving to ensure accurate results and eliminate personal errors involved in sieving.  Touch Screen Controlling having frequency adjustment and digital timer.

Accepts up to eight full height sieves. The shaker is available in two sizes;

  • AF-G-041/30 shaker that can be used for 200mm & 300mm sieves
  • AF-G-041/45 shaker that can be used for 200mm, 300mm & 450mm sieves

Built-in timer (60 min) is incorporated to set the duration time. Sieves, pan and cover should be ordered separately

Noise Reduction Cabinet G-041/SPC-30 can also be ordered separately.


Motorised Swinging & Vibrating Sieve Shaker

Performs perfect sieving by having double-actions - Swinging and Vibration.  The machine is capable of applying both motions at the same time or one of the two.


▪ Automatic timer built-in for sieving time
• Swinging motion
• Vibration motion

Models Available:

Ø 200 mm B-041/SV-20
Ø 300 mm B-041/SV-30
Ø 450 mm B-041/SV-45

Power Supply: 220-240V/50 or 60 Hz